Does your chimney need a sweeping or cleaning? Certified Chimney is a full service chimney cleaning company. No job is too big or small.

Chimney Sweeping & Repair ServicesCleanings of Oil/Gas/Wood Heating System & Fireplaces:

Certified Chimney offers full repair and maintenance and cleaning of your fireplace and chimney. We can have your fireplace running at peak efficiency.
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Chimney Flues

Certified Chimney can restore or install your chimney flue and repair any liner problems.

Gas Violations Corrected

We can fix and repair any gas violation you may have received. Our repairs always pass inspection.

Level 1, 2 & 3 Safety Inspections by NFPA

We will make sure your fireplace and chimney will comply with all NFPA safety standards.

Custom & Standard Sized Caps with Lifetime Guarantee

We can install a cap on any chimney from standard to custom sizes. Caps are available in Stainless Steel or Copper, with Lifetime Guarantee.

Liners Installed

UL LISTED Stainless Steel with Lifetime Guarantee.

Fireplace Draft Problems Corrected

Certified Chimney can correct any draft problem you may be experiencing.

Water Leaks Repaired

We will find the leak and repair it fast so that there will not be any more damaged caused to your chimney or home.


Water can damage your chimney by leaking through the bricks. We can waterproof your chimney to make sure this does not happen.

All Phases of Masonry Work

We are expert brick masons. We can repair any type of chimney brick work.

Dampers Installed – Lymance, Spyder, Locktop

Certified Chimney can install and repair your dampers. This will improve your chimney’s efficiency and save you money.

Prefab Housing Installed

We are experts at prefab housing installations.

Class A Chimneys & B-Vent Installed

Certified chimney can install all class A and class B Chimney vents.

Blockages Removed

No matter what is blocking your chimney. Certified Chimney will identify it and remove it without causing damage to your chimney or fireplace.

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